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When we visited Marigat in Baringo for the launch of Baringo women and youth organization ,we came across the ever-green leguminous good scented prosopis juliflora makes Kenya Forest Research Institute (KEFRI) outside of Marigat town in Baringo County on the floor of the great Rift valley magical. Its a very aggressive invader especially in the arid and semi-arid natural grasslands,the plant reproduces through seeds often passed through the digestive tract of animals like goats,cattle and camels and spread along water courses during has both positive and negative effects to the Ilchamus people. Among them being the replacement of native species, taking over of the rangelands, loss of pasture and also illness and death of livestock due to eating their pods and being pierced by the sharp and stout thorns . Its beneficial qualities include fencing, making building posts, its flowers attract bees making honey most available, acts as a wind breaker, provides firewood, provides beautiful cool shades. Economically, its used for charcoal burning earning the community a living and also used to make furniture. The government policy to burn charcoal burning in the country, should be overlooked concerning alien species for the Ilchamus to be allowed to burn charcoal using prosopis as an alternative to eradicate it.

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