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The African Protected Areas Congress (APAC) that took place from 17-23rd July 2022 in Kigali, Rwanda capital, being deliberated by the IUCN was the first one ever organized targeting the whole of Africa. The Congress advanced an ambitious agenda that inspired sustainable solutions for today's most pressing conservation and livelihood challenges in Africa. It brought together African leaders including heads of states, ministers and government agencies, citizens, political and community leaders, protected area practitioners, professionals from diverse fields, scholars, researchers, the youth, partners and stakeholders from public and private sectors and interested parties from across the continent - they discussed how to protect Africa’s resources, and to develop a strong and united voice in the management of protected areas, biodiversity conservation, sustainable development while conserving Africans cultural heritage and traditions. The main goal of the APAC congress was to place the African protected and conserved areas within the broader goals of economic development and community well-being and increasing the understanding of the crucial roles of the African protected areas in the conservation of biodiversity and delivering ecosystem services that underpin human welfare and livelihoods.

The African conservation agenda was expected to review Africa’s overall progress towards implementing global commitments related to conservation as well as discuss challenges related to biodiversity and showcase inspiring African examples of sustainable solutions that harmonize conservation and human development goals.

Over 2000 delegates from every African country forged partnerships and commitments to help secure a sustainable future for Africa’s protected areas, people and biodiversity. Participants identified key issues and challenges, and showcased inspiring African examples of practical, innovative, sustainable and replicable solutions that harmonize conservation and human development goals. They also developed priorities and strategies on issues of common interest and provided a consolidated African input into the development of the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework. The forum reported on the progress made in implementing relevant regional and global commitments and identified new steps and alliances to address Africa’s unique challenges.


Our CEO Mr. Mali Ole Kaunga was one of the main panelists ,he presented a theme on "Strengthening Inclusive & just conservation of land & other natural resources in Northern Kenya by facilitating solutions tailored to the context, conceived & run by Indigenous People”.  This seeks to strengthen & sustain values that embody inclusive conservation through networking for mutually beneficial learning, sharing & empowerment. Inclusive conservation initiatives depend on the strength of the communities themselves.

IMPACT Kenya and ICCA will also hosted side events during the APAC to discuss issues such as:

  • Pathway to inclusive and Just conservation

  • Securing Indigenous Peoples’ tenure rights towards sustainable biodiversity

  • Resource mobilization and Indigenous peoples’ role in accountability and mechanisms of the resources

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