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IMPACT is committed to building a more peaceful environment for the communities of Northern Kenya, an area currently  prone to land-based conflicts. What we do: 

  • Facilitating inter-community dialogue around issues stemming from resource-based conflicts. 

  • Providing a platform for peace building initiatives and bridging the gap between national peace building forums and processes at the county level. 

  • Strengthening the role of traditional institutions of governance within decision-making processes.

  • Working towards an environment conducive to reconciliation and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.


Through its Peace program, IMPACT has held  peace meetings within conflict zones across the Laikipia-Isiolo border, bringing together more than 700 individuals.


IMPACT also hosted the Inter-County Women Peace Meeting, giving an opportunity for women from conflicting counties to interact and consolidate their voices regarding women's role in conflict mitigation. 

IMPACT effectively reduced cattle rustling incidents within conflict hotspots and restored the key role played by traditional governance institutions in maintaining peace.

IN 2019.

Building a culture of peace and non-violence

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The peace building and conflict transformation team explored opportunities to expand our activities in Laisamis, Marsabit. Natural resources based conflicts induced by several factors, including climate change, are common in Ewaso Ngiro river basin. Water scarcity for people and their livestock is increasing.

On the other hand, in Samburu North County, a consultative meeting took place, in Baragoi, with government officials, community leaders and CSOs on peace and what approaches can be used in working on sustainable peace.

The peace programme is supported by the German government through Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ) through Weltfriedensdienst.

The peace program continued to conduct activities in its project areas despite challenges facing communities during this time of severe drought,we prioritized targeting the youths in every community to engage them in peace dialogues for the next three years, this year has its challenges and success stories that can be shared.

Program outcomes.

  • Communities and their institutions’ capacity were strengthened to promote peace and take lead in conflict prevention and transformation and peace building.

  • Improved community-based natural resource management.

  • Improved IMPACT institutional capacity to develop and manage peace building programs and mainstream conflict sensitivity in all programs.

  • Successful advocacy in addressing human rights violations affecting communities in the target counties.


Training of community institutions and sub county peace committees,its main objective was to build and strengthen capacity for a robust community driven peace infrastructure towards achieving conflict prevention, resolution and transformation by gaining new knowledge, sharing experience and strengthening skills on Conflict Sensitivity Concepts to effectively and efficiently manage escalation of violent conflicts in the community.In conflicts context, communities were able to understand conflict dynamics, drivers, connectors and dividers in conflict analysis, resolutions and transformation mechanisms.


Community dialogue at illaut - IMPACT had a community dialogue meeting at Illaut community on 11th June,2021. This activity was informed by the request put forward by the Deputy County commissioner Laisamis sub county and the peace chairman in regards to camel stolen from one project which kept children with disabilities and other community vulnerable children. IMPACT supported them to begin dialogue among elders and come up with a strategy for engagement with the suspects.

isiolo meeting_edited.jpg

Intra community dialogue meeting at sengenge village in suguta valley. The main objective of the activity was to reinforce community peace structures and strengthen their capacity to promote peace and lead in conflicts prevention through transformation, of good relationship of Turkana community living in Turkana east (segenge village) and Turkana in Samburu North sub country.

Peace caravan and International Day of Peace. Our annual camel caravan did not take place as usual due to factors like covid 19 pandemic, severe drought and conflict within our project area. This led to merging of the two activities and developing of one theme, i.e. promoting coexistence among communities living along the Ewaso Ngiro North ecosystem; leveraging the power of youth for peace and security


Recognizing the role of youth in peace building, this year’s message from the youth was a slogan ‘. The youths are our target group within our three-year peace strategy to ensure that the key players in conflict are brought on board for dialogue on their feelings/strategies in reducing conflicts in the region.

peace committees_edited.jpg

Peace meeting with Merti sub county peace committee. The meeting was attended by the peace committee, chiefs and assistant county commissioner. Objective of the meeting was to familiarize with issues in the area and understand better strategies for engagement with communities and other stakeholders advocating for peace.


Training of peace ambassadors on conflict analysis and reporting. The training was merged with annual convening of peace ambassadors from our program areas in the four counties. Conflict analysis and reporting in the hotspots and conflicts dynamics in pastoralist areas require a multi stakeholders’ involvement in addressing the challenges associated with conflicts in the region


IMPACT in collaboration with the county government of Laikipia held an inter-community peace concert at Naibor grounds, to promote a peaceful co-existence and cultural diversity within communities living in Laikipia .Election season is here and it comes with ethnic violence that escalates during campaigns,we therefore advocate for communities to resolve their differences in a non-violent manner. We used musicians from different communities to promote peace through songs .At the event was the Deputy Governor of Laikipia county John Mwaniki,the Deputy Governor of Samburu County Julius Leseeto and the Deputy Governor of Isiolo Dr. Abdi Issa .The concert reminded us that peace is paramount in development and therefore we should live in peace and respect

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