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On the eve of 5th November 2022, 25 members of Nashipa Ramat gathered in a joyous mood at the much anticipated Village Savings and Loaning Association share out at their usual group meeting point. The women have been contributing on a weekly basis despite the ravaging

drought situation witnessed in Laikipia North Sub-County. Their contributions have been generated from selling of indigenous chicken, beads, charcoal and manure.

IMPACT takes satisfaction in having taught Nashipa Ramat women group on the VSLA concept and how to create bi-laws for their groups, group dynamics and governance, record keeping and share out calculations. From the training the women agreed to have a weekly contribution of ksh.100 per person, social fund of ksh.50 per person which was meant to cater for any unforeseen emergencies that may arise such as child birth and rites of passage amongst others.

The women shared out ksh. 140,625 which they had saved for a period of a year, the member with highest shares took home ksh. 15,200 whereas the member with the lowest shares took home ksh.1, 240.

Due to the ongoing drought situation at the moment, the members decided to use the social fund contributed to purchase for food items, since most of the members had raised the concern of lack of food at their homes due to low livestock prices at the market and high cost of living .Each group member took home 3kgs of maize flour, 2 kgs of Rice and 1 liter of cooking oil.

The women were encouraged by this share out to continue saving , since this new culture of saving has really touched and transformed their lives to the point of earning respect from their husbands an the community at large.

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