C A M E L  C A R A V A N


In the past few years, the socio-economic circumstances of pastoralists in the North of Kenya have seen a steady decline. The decreasing water levels in the wider Ewaso Ng’iro Catchment have continued to be a source of conflict, displacement, and loss of livelihoods. Water volume has recorded a steady decline and has also, at times, dried up completely. Competition for access to this water has resulted in bloody conflicts amongst herders. The unregulated extraction of water by the farming community upstream has contributed largely to the drying up of the river.

IMPACT has, since 2013, been conducting the Camel Caravan to try and assist the communities in the area and create awareness for their plight. The Camel caravan has been successful in encouraging the government and other stakeholders to come together with the aim of addressing the pressing water challenges and conflict connected with it.


The Ewaso Nyiro Camel Caravan is held every year and includes a five-day trek along the Ewaso Nyiro Ecosystem. Participants interact with local communities promoting coexistence and equitable sharing of scarce resources. The theme of the Camel Caravan 2019 was ‘Saving Ewaso Ngiro-Promoting Cohesion and Securing Livelihoods of Communities in the Ewaso Ecosystem’. 


The purpose of this yearly activity is to:

  • Create awareness on the importance of conserving water catchment areas.

  • Create a platform for indigenous communities to interact and embrace cultural diversity.

  • Bring together different stakeholders and other government policymakers.

  • Identify peace strategies that will help in the mitigation of conflicts among the pastoralist communities.

  • For more info Download Camel Caravan PDF


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