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IMPACT'S work targets seven key thematic areas, all pertaining to Indigenous Peoples' well-being and environmental conservation. 

Human rights, lobby and advocacy

Advancing Indigenous Peoples' rights at the regional, national and international level, focusing on the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights

Strengthening pastoralist communities' capacity to map, manage and share their resources in a sustainable and inclusive manner. 

Land rights and natural resource governance

Building communities' capacity to defend their rights within large-scale projects occurring on their land, as well as their access to associated benefits

Institutional capacity development

Peace building and conflict transformation

Providing a platform for peace-building initiatives and including communities in forums, both at the county and national levels

Climate change

adaptation and resilience

Collaborating with various stakeholders in designing polices, plans and legislation focusing on increasing communities' resilience and ability to manage risk

Livelihoods and economic empowerment

Improving the economic conditions of local initiatives through the development of alternative sources of livelihood 

Research and Documentation

Conducting research on various topics related to environmental conservation and collaborating with international scholars and universities