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"Resilience Enhancement & Support through opportunities,Resources and Empowernment of Communities"

The project is designed to support communities and their own institutions/organisations in Laikipia and Isiolo to strengthen their water security through inculcating practices and interventions that enhance nature-based water security and livelihood solutions. The project targets community organised groups or institutions to implement activities according to their visions and contingency plans. The plans are pre-identified by the communities to undertake climate resilience initiatives relevant to their landscapes. The initiatives will be designed and implemented by the community organisations using inclusive and participatory strategies with support from IMPACT and other stakeholder identified by them.


DIRECT SUB GRANTING TO COMMUNITY LED INITIATIVES - 25 community led/ natural resource-based institutions are being facilitated with sub grants to leverage their own resources and other/county governments initiatives to improve climate resilience and adaptation.

STRENGTHENING TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND ADVICE FOR IMPACT/COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS Improved capacity of community-owned/led institutions in sustainable natural resource governance and livelihoods diversification.

COMMUNITY-LED BOTTOM-UP POLICY INFLUENCING AND ADVOCACY AND TARGETED LEVERAGING WITH APPROPRIATE TOP DOWN APPROACHES - Community institutions are able to use bottom -up policy advocacy and engagement strategies to improve environment for sustainable natural resource management, livestock production, climate smart agriculture and use of climate information services to improve climate resilience and adaptation.

COMMUNITY TO COMMUNITY KNOWLEDGE DEVELOPMENT, SHARING, LEARNING AND DIALOGUES - Inter community learning and knowledge development sharing, exchange promoted at programme level, within the landscape and reversing the flow counties

Community baseline study in Laikipia and Isiolo Counties of Northern Kenya

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