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Violent Evictions in Laikipia

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Post by Timothy Larpei

The night of 28th April saw over 400 homes burnt down in Kisisiri and Pessi Marura areas leaving at least 2000 people displaced from their homes as all their property was looted and other valuables destroyed in the inferno.

The fire is said to have been started by security officers after the communities failed to evict the land.Many other locals were arrested and injured in what is clearly an abuse of human rights and unlawful eviction.

IMPACT teams on the ground are keen on collecting evidence to help the community,which is composed highly of pastoralist groups to get legal assistance.

We appeal to our partners, well-wishers, the Kenya Red Cross society,the Commission on administrartive justice (CAJ),the Kenya National Human Rights Commission(KNHRC),the National Cohesion and Inegration Commission(NCIC),the Independent Policing Oversight Authority(IPOA) and all other humanitarian to step in and support these vulnerable communities. .

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