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Celebrated on the 17th of June every year under different themes,this year's' being "We build back better with healthy land",World day to combat desertification and drought is meant to raise awareness of the presence of desertification and drought, highlighting methods of preventing desertification and recovering from drought. Rangelands support livelihoods but are threatened by land degradation caused by soil erosion,water-logging,deforestation,overgrazing,desertification and salination.

IMPACT Supports communities to restore their lands through natural based solutions like the development of Wetlands Management Plan,Ecosystem Restoration through the annual Ewaso Nyiro Camel Caravan ,Supporting WRUAs by developing Sub-Catchment management Plans (SCMP) and most importantly through the Samburu Rangelands and Grazing Management draft policy ,which is a living document that comprises an overall framework and set of important principles and guidelines for:

i. Proper management and conservation of rangelands resources for enhanced productivity

ii. Rangelands planning for sustainable development

iii. Planned grazing and livestock mobility management

iv. Reclaiming degraded rangelands

v. Coordination, cooperation and collaborations in rangelands management and development

vi. Building resilience of rangelands and communities

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