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In 2016, Parliament enacted into law the Community Land Act, Providing a framework for recognition and registration of customary land rights in Kenya. The Act aspires to foster these rights and address the prolonged unresolved historical land and natural resource injustices.

Five years since the promulgation of the Community Land Act, 2016 (CLA), Communities continue organizing themselves to meet the requirements spelt out in the Act.

In this regard, a convening led by IMPACT, NLC and other partners is timely to interrogate progress made, lessons learnt and forge a way forward towards strengthening tenure rights for communities in Kenya. So far, five communities have transitioned from former group ranches to community land and received their titles. More communities living on both undissolved group ranches and unregistered community lands are set to have registered by 2024 as reflected in the Ministry of Lands strategic plan. The convening seeks to bring the voices of communities from the 24 Counties with communal lands as identified by the Ministry of Land and Physical planning.

The convening seeks:

1) Review the progress made in the implementation of the CLA 2016 through evidence and experiences.

2) To launch the Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) Tool as a contribution towards resolving past present and emerging injustices.

3) To create a platform that strengthen the land reforms agenda.

The convening acknowledges that communities must take lead in demanding accountability in the implementation of the CLA, 2016. Six community delegates will be drawn from the 24 counties forming the highest representation in the convening. Government officials both at County and National governments and CSOs will also be invited. A total of 200 participants will participate in the convening.

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