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Lasitu is an abbreviation derived from the three communities within the catchment that includes; Lareorok, Simale and Tuum. The SCMP development process was supported by IMPACT Trust Kenya and County Government of Samburu facilitated by Water Resources Authority as mandated by the Kenya government according to Water Act 2016. The activity was carried out on 2nd March to 7th March 2021 at Tuum PCEA church which involved participatory lectures and presentations from various stakeholders present.

Sub-Catchment Management Plan (SCMP) is a tool developed to support protection, conservation and management of water resources and related natural resources within the sub-catchment to ensure sustainable and balanced water r

esources utilization for both socio-economic benefits and ecosystem management.

SCMP focuses on problems related to protection, conservation and management of water resources, ecosystem and other related natural resources including socio-economic activities that majorly depend on natural resources within the sub-catchment. It presents analysis of the problems and identifies sustainable solution strategies for proper management of water resources (quantity and quality), improvement of catchment conditions and enhancement of livelihoods. In addition, it analyses institutional capacity for effective and efficient implementation of the identified sustainable solution strategies. The SCMP provides a framework for which various stakeholders can participate in a coordinated integrated water resources management activities.

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