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Laisamis is the headquarters of Laisamis sub-county in Marsabit county,its located on the Isiolo-Moyale highway 98km south of Marsabit town.Its a purely Rendille habitat with pastrolism as their main means of livelihood.

Despite the elusive conflicts among communities in Marsabit county,Laisamis has not experienced much inter-communal conflicts compared to other communities in the north of Marsabit.

Some of the very few conflicts experienced in Laisamis are Livestock theft,highway banditry,Ethnicity in market centers,Female Genital Mutilation ,Food insecurity and drugs.This conflicts are mostly from their neighbouring communities of Gabra and Borana.

A very recent case is a touching one.14 camels were stolen by morans from an orphanage in Laisamis ,this camels provided milk for the young orphaned children under the care of their now one parent,who has to not only take care of them but also provide for their needs.Two of the camels were spotted in a small village called Illaut and with the help of peace ambassadors and village elders IMPACT held a peaceful dialogue at Illaut urging the family of the morans who stole the camels to take the camels back to the owner by the end of the week.

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