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Leparua Community Celebrations

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Post by Ramson Karmushu

The National Land Commission(NLC), Political Leaders, County Commissioner and County Leadership visited Leparua Community in Isiolo County to listen to testimonies from communities threatened with eviction from several government institutions including KDF(Kenya Defence Forces),the Livestock Marketing Division (LMD),the Ministry of agriculture, livestock and fisheries.The communities have lived there dating as back as before independence and claim ownership of the land.

The community's first case was in 1983 where the Gazette Notice of the land to notify the public that the land belongs to LMD in 1920 was nullified.IMPACT played an important role in guiding the community on how to claim the land in the historical land injustice which is accepted by the new community land act of 2016.

Leparua Community was overwhelmed by their success in the HLI case that they won against the institutions that had been claiming ownership of the land.Hon.Swazuri,the chair of the NLC and Hon.Clement Lenashuru,the commissioner of lands assured the community that they should not be afraid as they are entitled to the land they are living in.

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